·Laser Cutting---LCW




Features & Benefits

EZ-CUT II to "Pre-fetch" small line segments and produce arcs for quick cutting.
Path order to be assigned both automatically and manually.
EZ-CUT II CAM software to work with most popular Windows based software such as AutoCAD.
Tilt hopper & part-catch drawer design to collect the cutting workpieces conveniently.
Reliable module design to assure easy maintenance.
Durable A.C. servo motor to have high-speed motion control
Easy-swap module design to assure maintenance promptly

Model No.

LCW-100 D


laser source

DC 100 watt Sealed CO2 laser tube

DC 200 watt Sealed  CO2 laser tube

Laser Tube Cooler



Working Area(w x d)

900x 1300mm (35.4" x 51.1" )

Maximum Part Size

960x1360 x 40mm (37.8" x 53.5 x " 1.6")


UP TO 45 m/min traversing, 30 m/min cutting


± 0.05mm

PC Communication

RS-232 serial port with supplied cable

Motion Control

CNC commands (G,M code)

Focus Lens


cutting pallet

Support structure made of aluminum,minizing damage of the reflecting light

Extemal Chiller

Dl water,8000BTU cooling capability,Flow rate>5Lit/min

Dl water,18000BTU cooling capability,Flow rate>5Lit/min

Power Supply

Single phase,220VAC ,10Amp, 50/60Hz

Overall Dimensions

1800 x 1360 x 1070mm(70.8” x 53.5” x 42.1")

Net Weight



Facility Requirements

Host PC

Windows XP capable system

CAM Software

EZ-CUT II(Option) acceptable DXF/HG t

Exhaust System

One exhaust blower (2hp),Pressure 120-150mmAq,Air flow 24-30m3/min,with one 8"diameterhose


Gas tank or Compressor to provide dry air,20Lit/min,5 Bar ,with 8mm diameter hose