·Laser Cutting---LCK





LCK Series

Model No.


Laser Source

RF 25 watt Sealed CO2 laser tube (Air-cooled)

Working area (W x D)

1000×700 mm

Net Weight

120 KGS

Maximum Part Size (W x D x H)

1000 x 700 mm (39.3" x 27.5")

Overall Dimensions (W x D x H)

1410 x 1220 x 1110 mm (55.5" x 48" x43.7")

Motion Control

CNC commands (G,M code)

PC Communication

RS-232 serial port with supplied cable

Memory Buffer


Focus Lens


Z-axis height

20mm ( 15mm for pass through )


+/-0.1mm (+/-0.04")

Max. Cutting Speed

20 M/min

Cutting pallet

Support structure made of aluminum, minimizing damage of the reflecting light

Power Supply

Single Phase, 220V, 5Amp, 50/60Hz


EZ-CUTTER (Standard)

CAM Software

EZ-CUT (Optional) acceptable DXF / DWG/ HPGL / CNC file format

Laser Power Control

Digital laser power control with automatic proportional pulsing and color linked.


Facility Requirements

Host PC

Windows 95/ 98/ Me/ XP capable system

Air Assist

Gas tank or Compressor to provide dry air, 20Lit/min, 5 Bar, with 6mm diameter hose

Exhaust System

One exhaust blower (3/4 HP), Pressure 50mmAq, Air flow 16 m3, with one 8" diameter hose