·Polisher Machine---AM1




Description Machine specially designed for polishing acrylic and methacrylate parts (PMMA) with a high quality finishing. In the AMI model, its head can be positioned to obtain bevels or angles up to a 60ì  lean.

This machine operates on the basis of the cyclical travel carried out by the cutter along the working table, once the parts are firmly secured by the independent clamps. These clamps are situated along the table length. They can be used in parts of different heights being worked on the same cut operation.

The AMI model is equipped with an electronic inclination gage to control and adjust the position of the rake angle with a tenth of a degree precision. The angular graduated scale ranges from -5ì   to +60ì.

The upward and downward movement of the unit is easily achieved due to a manual operated geared-motor unit.

 Technical specifications

·     Working length: 2000 / 2500 mm / 3000 mm / 3100 mm

·     Maximum thickness: 100 mm

·     Cut depth: 0,05 - 4 mm

·    Feed speed: 0,5 - 1,1 m/min

·     Standard number of clamps: 5 / 7

·     Milling angles range: from -5ì   to +60ì

·     Part length programming: standard equipment